Welcome to The Ex-mormon Roadshow. We were a full-time traveling family – living on the road by choice. We had recently awakened and left the Mormon church. As we traveled, we looked to connect with others by hosting ex-mormon gatherings. Our full-time travels have concluded so we no longer host these gatherings. Thanks to all who joined in while we did travel.

Please get in touch if you have interest in hosting or attending a similar gathering in your area!

What’s a roadshow? The church used to have stake-wide gatherings where members would perform talent shows and other skits etc. It was a fun event usually (except for those who experienced stage fright).


In the meantime, look up another gathering at mormonspectrum.org or thrivebeyondreligion.com.

There is also an online group we helped start found at wasmormon.org which hosts a collection of mormon faith transition stories, and even lets you add your own story to the site. You can publicly state “I was a Mormon”.

Recent Posts from the site

  • In the October 1984 General Conference, Elder Ronald E. Poelman of the First Quorum of the Seventy gave a talk that many who saw, heard, or witnessed live thought was an amazing talk that addressed many things that had thus far remained unsaid regarding the relationship between the Mormon church and the Mormon Gospel. The […]
  • JR’s faithful journey out of Mormonism unfolds as a testament to his commitment to truth. Raised in a Mormon household, his transformation began with the unexpected discovery of a book that prompted a profound reevaluation of his beliefs and his interpretation of the Bible. Embracing Christianity, JR actively participated in various ministries, demonstrating a genuine […]
  • Nearly every speaker in a testimony meeting says “I know the church is true.” This is a nonsensical statement, but considering the Illusory Truth Effect we can see what the church may be after. We know that repetitions don’t make statements any more true, but psychologically we do tend to believe things we’ve heard repeatedly. […]
  • What is the Illusory Truth Effect? Imagine your brain is like a sponge that soaks up information. When you hear something many times, even if it’s not true, your brain starts to believe it. This is called the Illusory Truth Effect. We tend to believe something is true, just because we’ve heard it over and […]
  • The church published a video on YouTube and other social media channels making seemingly outrageous and impossible-to-fake claims about the Book of Mormon with the conclusion “How can it not be true?” Here is the content of the video: Imagine writing a book: How can it not be true? This mirrors the famous Hugh Nibley […]
  • Mormonism Is a Religion of Unwritten Rules Mormonism as a religion and a culture relies heavily on unwritten and even unspoken rules. The religion judges members on these rules and judges everyone for adherence to the unwritten rules. There are theological assumptions that are entirely based on some of these rules and the religion has […]
  • Jarad was born and raised in the Mormon Church and in the Mormon Corridor in Utah. He reached a point where he experienced doubts and eventually chose to leave the LDS Church. Despite putting in extra effort to study the church doctrine and history, and engage in faith-promoting activities, Jarad found that his doubts not […]
  • This reading for worship, from the Unitarian Universalize Association, emphasizes the value of doubt as an essential and positive element in the pursuit of truth and knowledge. It contrasts doubt with unquestioning belief, arguing that beliefs immune to questioning can lead to error and incompleteness. Doubt, in this context, is portrayed as the key to […]
  • Brigham Young is famous for having fifty-six wives. He was a champion of polygamy and is credited with integrating polygamy publicly within the Mormon religion. While Joseph Smith participated and started the practice of polygamy, he did it in secret. After Joseph Smith was killed, Brigham Young moved the church and most of the members […]
  • The Covenant Intimacy Conversations discuss the challenging transition individuals may face when moving from a state of being sexually active to sexually inactive due to divorce or the death of a spouse. It states that while it may not be possible to fully replace the aspect of sexual intimacy lost through such life changes, individuals […]
  • Doc Wade, a retired Chiropractor and Country Music enthusiast, shares his faith transition story out of Mormonism. Born into the Mormon Church, he faithfully followed all the rituals and served a two-year mission. After a temple marriage and raising six sons, he faced challenges in his personal life, including a divorce after 25 years of […]
  • Boyd K. Packer gave a BYU devotional on 15th of October 1996 called The Unwritten Order of Things in which he discusses the unwritten rules and cultural standards of Mormonism. He states “The things that I shall tell you are not explained in the scriptures.” “The things I am going to tell you are not […]
  • The church makes a big deal about having no paid clergy. They proclaim that the church is led by a lay ministry of volunteers and no one is compensated for their work or service in the church. Church Led by Volunteer Service The missionaries are taught this fact, and all the missionaries are required to […]
  • We are taught in the church from a young age to do what is right, no matter the consequences. We even learn to sing, “do what is right; let the consequence follow” from the old protestant hymn that the church has adopted and number 237 in the current hymn book. Do what is right; let […]
  • Baxter, a talented artist and trans man, reflects on his journey out of Mormonism with a commitment to authenticity and respect for diversity. Raised in the Mormon faith, Baxter initially found himself uninterested in church because there were other places he’d rather be on Sunday. However, as he delved into researching the problematic aspects of […]
  • Elder Kyle McKay, the Executive Director of the Church History Department asks a rhetorical question. He asks during a devotional address (A Sure and Certain Foundation) in which he attempts to bolster testimonies by teaching how to believe. He absolves church leaders of mistakes by basically countering that “you couldn’t do any better.” He suggests […]
  • Carl Sagan, an astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator, captivated the world with his unparalleled ability to convey the wonders of the cosmos. Renowned for his role in popularizing science, Sagan’s legacy extends beyond academia, leaving an indelible mark on the public’s understanding of the universe. Carl Sagan’s well-known quote about being bamboozled exactly recounts […]
  • Jeremy Runnells, hailing from a seventh-generation Mormon heritage, achieved all the milestones within the LDS Faith: earning his Eagle Scout rank, serving as a full-time Missionary, and graduating from BYU. His journey took a transformative turn in 2012, in which he dove into a deep exploration of the church’s truth claims. A CES Director asked […]
  • David A. Bednar, Mormon Apostle, visited the University of Texas and spoke at a devotional for young adults. He shared a story in which a friend he calls “John and Heather” faced a serious health challenge, prompting a discussion about faith and healing. Bednar surprisingly asked when about to give John a blessing, if John […]
  • The Book of Abraham is a sacred text of the church. The church claims it is a translation by Joseph Smith from an ancient Egyptian papyrus he acquired. The book states that it contains “the writings of Abraham,” the biblical patriarch and that they are “written by his own hand, upon papyrus.” The contents are […]